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(or something close to it...)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i'm so tired. i think i could fall asleep right here at my desk. i'm sure i'll fall asleep on the train. today has been one of the most grueling days since i started here last fall. the new asst. director started today.. so, i thought it would be nice to make muffins for this morning. well, i got up at 5am... finished the muffins... went to sleep for another hour... got up and came to work. i haven't stopped since then. my desk is covered with a billion post-it notes full with phone and social security numbers.... i'm so tired i'm not even going to clean my desk before i leave for the day.

i think i'm happy tonight for the premiere of scrubs and another episode of amazing race... some study from cnn says that they found that republicans are more likely to watch amazing race than other reality shows... interesting.... that doesn't account that i voted for bill clinton twice. YES FOLKS it is true.... i voted for clinton... don't really regret those votes either.

some wise man once said that there are two things people can't do alone... be a christian and be married. well, i've discovered the married one a long, long time ago. currently, i'm finding out how hard it is going it alone in the christianity front... i don't feel alone..but i'm alone in making this decision of where to attend church. the hardest part about not attending a vineyard anymore is that i feel so associated with the denomination (or the non-denomination...if you will)... gosh, i just said more out loud than i really wanted to... so, i will stop now.

time to go home, pay the rent, eat the dinner (i think shrimp fried rice from TJ), watch the TV, and collapse on the sofa.

ta-ta for now.

Monday, August 30, 2004

I never thought the soda machine in the cafeteria was sooo hard to use. Today was the second time in as many days that someone needed help in getting the ice out of the machine. They didn't understand that they needed to press the red button for the ice to dispense... They thought that it just magically appeared. Hmmmm.... It's very interesting to watch.

I just was jogging in my office. Ooooo... another body is coming for a hearse. Exciting stuff. The undertakers are always so serious. When they look into my window... I usually wave.

That's it for now.

Oh...V. glad that the Olympics are finally over. Didn't even watch the closing ceremonies..except for the China introduction at the very end. I got caught up in 7 rerun episodes of "Dr. 90210" on the E! channel (and I was talking on the phone with a friend from Ohio).

Scrubs premiere tomorrow!!!!

Ireland Countdown: 18 DAYS!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Happy TENTH Anniversary to David & Tara Montgomery!

Ten years ago, on August 27, 1994, David and Tara... two crazy kids from Northwestern tied the knot and they have been madly and deeply in love ever since.

Top five things I remember about their wedding events:

5. The pig roast on the Lakefill. My first one. I remember that morning helping to hold the pig as Tara's dad jammed the stake up the backside of the pig. Not pretty.

4. All the bridesmaids sleeping at my house the night before the wedding. We watched "Father of the Bride" & "Four Weddings and a Funeral."

3. The slate blue bridesmaid dresses. Later, it would be discoverd (by yours truly!) that this same fabric was being used for drapes at a house in Cleveland, Ohio.

2. The heat. the heat. the heat. the heat. the heat. the heat. We were in an old church in Evanston, IL and there was no a/c.

1. Seeing two friends married. Nothing can be better.

In other news: I went last night to see Slade Gorton and Bob Kerrey speak at the National Constitution Center. These two men & former senators were members of the 9/11 Commission. Very interesting evening. I came away from the evening with a new respect for the flashy Bob Kerrey... yes, a Democrat... but he had more common sense things to say than I originally thought he would.

Bye for now. Work calls.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Just a quick thought. After that helicopter dropped on top of Dr. Rocket Romano towards the end of last's season ER, I've had a distaste for hospital helicopters. I was walking back from the main building w/ the Jeff copter circling overhead. All I thought was "Please don't drop on top of me! Please don't drop on top of me." It would make for a very messy death (plus, I'm wearing my favorite white t-shirt--found it in the dirty laundry basket... wasn't even dirty!!).

Only 57 more minutes to go. I'm getting a little batty.
That was interesting... I just wrote a post and a date published... but nothing else...

Anyway, to summarize.

1. The week has been tough. Just ventured out once after work... to go to Target... the rest of the week watching Olympic Commentators say "Oooooh... that's going to cost her!" one too many times.
2. The receptionist is almost gone. Resigned. Two weeks left.
3. Looking forward to the weekend.
4. I love Trader Joes.
5. Going to Columbus next weekend for a great wedding.
6. Parents are coming to Philly for Thanksgiving. Thinking of spending the holiday at Longwood Gardens.
7. Can't wait until the World Series.

That's it.

Monday, August 23, 2004


Erica Daily! Erica lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Evan and son Liam. I love visiting her house...because she always seems to have the latest in kitchen gadgets. My last visit I was introduced to a cool juicer. We had fresh squeezed OJ for breakfast that day. She's fun to be around because she loves all the same television shows that I do... especially ER!

Nothing else too exciting to report about. Today is Monday.... just another Monday.

Countdown to Ireland: 25 days!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004


All is well with the world. Now, I may sleep.

Oh...the pager fell inside the lazy boy that I have been sleeping on.
It's 3.50am. Do you know where you pager is?

I'm either delirious or sleep-deprived. I had it on my shoulder (b/c I'm always afraid that it's going to go off and I won't hear it)... Well, I just woke up... and I can't find it now.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

The pager saga continues....

So.... I get lost again and end up in the Main building (not the main building.. it's a building called "Main") and not the Thompson Building. Finally, find the correct set of elevators to take... and walk up my flight of stairs... go the the Operator's Room (which, I have to say, has one of the coolest views of the city!!) and pick up the long rang pager. So, she wants me to leave my in house pager behind.. I say that I need this because I actually was receiving some calls on it... she said that her supervisor wants me to leave it behind. I said "Ok... but are you going to call me if I get a page on that one?" She says... "No, I'm going to turn the thing off." UGH. So.... I am without a pager that works sometimes.... and a long range pager that no one knows the number of. I did stop in the ED on my way back to the office to tell them my new number... I feel a little bit better that they have it if they need to call.

I can't believe it's only 9.10pm.... This night has gone by sooo slowly.

More later.'s 8.31pm now... Still haven't had a page. I'm kinda worried. It's never this quiet before midnight. NEVER!!!!!!

I ordered my favorite pizza from Top Tomato... just a red top....I've grown to love this pizza...especially because of the sauce that TT uses. YUMMY.

I'm scared of homeless people... people who know me already know this little fact. During the day I'm a little more bold and will help some out with food and/or money. But at night, it's a whole different story. I was walking back from getting my pizza and a guy I passed on the way to TT asked for some money.... I said no and continued walking..well, on the way back I deliberately crossed the street so I wouldn't have to walk by them again (there was 2)....well, he crossed the street at exactly the same time and was walking about 10 paces behind me .... I kinda got freaked out and almost ran back to the hospital lobby.

As I was eating my pizza I was watching a very fascinating episode of "COPS!" (from Philadelphia). Unfortunately, the TV only gets the local Fox channel... so, unless I get called.. I think I'm in for an evening of COPS reruns. Oh joy.

I just called the second in command here... she said I should give the page operator a call to check to see if any pages have come in for me... Well, I just did... and one did at 7.04pm. Didn't get it! UGH!!!!!

Got off the phone with the Adminstrator on call. She suggested to get the long range pager and use that. So... I am off again... through empty hospital corridors... kinda scary at night. like a bad horror movie.

I'll keep you posted.

I'm sitting here in the pastoral care office at the hospital. My pager hasn't gone off yet... this is not necessarily a good thing. The pager seems to be working only sporadically. The person I relieved said she didn't get paged all day... and then when I paged her, I needed to call the number 3x... then I gave up and just came to the office where she was waiting for me... she never got ANY of my pages...

So.... I call the head honcho guy at home and he sends me on a little scavenger hunt around the hospital to find a new pager. I end up on the 16th floor of one of the hospital buildings trying to beg and plead for a new pager.. Well, you would think that a hospital would have a few extra of these things lying around...nope. No pagers in for them to loan out...

This is our second pager in 48 hours and I don't understand what is wrong... it works with certain extensions and not with others. I don't mind a quiet night, but I'll be truly upset if people were trying to page me and I didn't receive the page.

I'm thinking of ordering a pizza for dinner. I used my food voucher for snacks for the night (there is nothing good at the caf on the weekends).

Nothing else too exciting to report. Watched a lot of the Olympics today. Didn't know that trampoline was a sport now. When did that happen? Was I asleep for it's debut at the Summer games?

The work situation from yesterday got better... but it's far from resolved.

Ta-ta for now.

Friday, August 20, 2004

It is turning out to be a REALLY interesting Friday here at work. REALLY interesting. Not something that I would resign from this position for something else.... but something needs to change and quick.

That's it... I just erased the whole rant about the whole situation and thought it was a little too personal to put out for the world to see...


Thursday, August 19, 2004

I think I will keep the new template design... it's not great... but I like the colors better than the old one. Don Liles did point out that this was the one that I originally started with back in March.

Nothing too exciting to report from my day. I had a great chicken burrito for lunch. There is this great little hole in the wall place a couple blocks from my office. Very good.

Yesterday after work I had some time to kill before a meeting... so, I went to Borders, Tower Records, and Ann Taylor. Unfortunately, the shopping bug got me and I got something at each store.

At Borders: The "official" copy of the 9/11 Report. I'm actually very interested in reading this. Actually, I think all Americans should probably read this (but that's just my opinion...of course... b/c this is my blog and I can say what I think.. right? ) It was originally $10... but I had a like $2.82 left on a gift card... so, it was less that the originally $10.

At Tower Records: Finally, they got copies in of the soundtrack to "Garden State"....Since I saw the movie on Sunday... I've looked in about 10 different places and everybody was sold out of their ONE copy (their reason... "We didn't think it would be that hot of a movie")> It was about $14 with tax.

At Ann Taylor: Went in to just look at the new Fall stuff... came out with a cool top that I'm wearing today... It was originally $36... marked down to $24.99... then with an add'l 25% off... so, I think I paid a little over $18. I got it in burgendy... but I really wish they had it in black... I would have bought two.

Anyway, that was my shopping day yesterday.

Ta-ta for now. Time to catch the train.

Enjoy your evening.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I changed the template again... I was getting tired of the orange... I'm not sure I like this one much better... I think I'll ponder the change before I add all my links back... because if I change it again... I'll just have to add them all again..

For me... it's sorta like changing my shower curtain. I change it every once in awhile because I just can't stand looking at the same curtain morning after morning... It's not a very important change... but it makes me happy.

So... that's it for now. Time for my guilty pleasure. Watching "Amazing Race" on CBS.

It's so hard being a "middle-manager" or whatever my "official" level is here at my job. I had a mini altercation with one of the receptionists... My boss is gone and I'm technically the person in charge of the office.... I usually don't say anything and just bear the shortcomings of this person... but today yesterday I gave her a little too much rope and she took full advantage of it today. After our words, I was shaking for almost an hour afterwards... I HATE confrontations with people. HATE them. They usually don't solve anything for the most part. Anyway, long story short is that she said that I'm not her supervisor (which I'm not) so she doesn't have to listen to me.

Like I've said before......


or conversely...


but, in the end,


In other news, Costco wholesale is now selling coffins. So, while you're popping in for your 5 pound tub of yellow mustard you can also get your standard mid-weight coffin for $899.99. Which, supposedly is cheaper than your average funeral home. Hmmm... I wonder if they have a lay away plan?????? I'm hoping I won't need one for a long time... :O)

The countdown to Ireland can officially begin. 30 days. Any advice from the world travelers out there.... what should my cash/travelers checks ratio be??? I'm having a hard time trying to decide how much money I should bring with me.

That's it for now. 35 minutes...oops... now 32 minutes to go.


Monday, August 16, 2004

Birthday Celebrations to Luke Stevens! Luke was born today. Wish him a Happy Birthday if you see him. He's a computer person. Does handy things with a guitar and is currently trying to renovate a house.

In other news... Jamie... you were right. That song from Jerry Maguire is from Bruce Springsteen... it's called Secret Garden. Totally thought it wasn't him.... oh well.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today I saw the best movie of the year (so far). "Garden State" written and directed by Zach Braff. There is so much I liked about this movie. There is nothing I would have left out.

I knew there was another reason I liked Zach Braff other than that he reminds me of one Yaacov Anziska, M.D. (if you know me, you'll know what that means. others.. too bad).

Now, I must go and eat Chinese food (courtesy of Jamie and Sue Doran).

Friday, August 13, 2004

i started dancing in the elevator. then i stopped. just thought i would share that.

happy friday.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Sarah Romero: Sarah is turning one today. She came a whole month early for her parents, Eric and Christine. I guess Sarah just had enough of floating around and wanted to come out and play. From her pictures I see she has grown into a really cute little girl. Hopefully, one day I'll get to meet her in person. Sarah currently resides with her parents in Zion, Illinois.

In other news (sorry Luke... I just LOVE saying this)... it's time for Maryland Crab soup and a good book at Chez Jefferson.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"I had an Abortion"

No, not really... read this interesting article from the Chicago Suntimes. Planned Parenthood was offering t-shirts that said "I had an Abortion" .... unfortunately, they are all sold out.

Message T-shirts getting a little tiring
August 11, 2004

There always have been T-shirts with shocking sayings. Earlier this year, the governor of West Virginia was in an uproar over a shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch that read "It's all relative in West Virginia."
I giggled at that, even though I am from Nebraska, the state that gave the world "Boys Don't Cry" where a bunch of rednecks rape and murder a young woman for pretending she's a man.
Perhaps at 36 years old, I'm becoming a little conservative. But a couple of recently spotted T-shirts have made me gulp.
A couple of years ago, when my husband, Brett, dragged me to Ozzfest, young women sported an "I f---ed your boyfriend." OK, with a couple of beers in me, that was funny -- for about 30 seconds anyway.
Britney Spears recently wore a black tank top that reads "I'm a virgin" and in small type below says "But this is an old shirt."
OK, Britney. We get it. We figured out a while ago that you're not a little girl anymore. In fact, you're kind of trampy. Fine. Stop hitting us over the head with it. Proceed with your multiple marriages.
Then comes the granddaddy of shock T-shirts: "I had an abortion," a T-shirt sold for a short time on Planned Parenthood's Web site. (They're sold out now.)
While the other shirts are meant to be saucy, the abortion T-shirt has a serious message, says Planned Parenthood's local president.
"In many ways this is a tempest in a T-shirt," says Steve Trombley, president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood in Chicago. "It is a bold statement, but it was a limited statement ... that some people want to make for obviously valid reasons: There are concerns about whether this right will [continue to] exist, and I think there is a validity to putting a name and a face to this issue."
He says one in three women have had abortions: "teachers, stockbrokers, cashiers," and their anonymity makes them "pawns" for the religious right who want to undo abortion rights.
I realize it's unfair to lump the abortion T-shirt with the sillier shirts out there. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to wear one, whether you've had an abortion or not.
That overworn phrase "too much information" keeps popping into my head.
How about we go back to cute shirts? has one I like that says "Single" on the front and defines single on the back as "having the option to choose between the quarterback and the lead singer."
That, this 36-year-old can stomach.

Who in their right mind would wear a t-shirt with that phrase on it???

In other news (gosh, i just took that saying from Luke's blog), I deleted my two posts from yesterday. Sometimes, I give too much information for my own good.

That's it from here... it's turning into a really, REALLY interesting day.. and it's not even 11am yet.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Another Monday here at work. They seem to come more quickly the older that I get. Interesting weekend. On Friday, I went over to Katy's house in West Philly for a party to celebrate her finishing her MSN degree at Penn... We ate lots of pasta w/ salmon and then I had a quick introduction to the game of "Speed Uno" this made for a crazy evening. Afterwards, about 4 of us stayed up late to watch "Touching the Void" until 1am. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!!!!! It's a true story of two British mountain climbers who get themselves into a precarious situation.

Saturday, Sue Doran and I took her kids to the playground in Media. Much fun had by all.. until little Emma spit up on me... but, I must admit, it was VERY CUTE spit up. She kinda stuck her tongue out and then it all came up... thankfully, it just basically dribbled down her front. From there we walked to Trader Joes. You know, I loved Media before TJ's moved into town... but it just really does seem like "Everybody's Hometown" I think TJ's has brought a lot more foot traffic onto State Street.

After a quick nap, I tried to go see "Garden State" at the Cherry Hill Mall. Unfortunately, I got lost in the Garden State trying to go see "Garden State." I'm not a big fan of how the NJ highway exits are marked.... So, I ended up in Marleton (which, I had to get to eventually) at the LL Bean store. I wanted to get a new backpack for Ireland.

Another thing about driving in NJ... a perfectly respectable looking soccer mom in her SUV let me merge as we were waiting to get onto the Ben Franklin bridge... when I looked into my rearview mirror... she looked straight at me and gave me the finger. So very interesting. For a second, I wanted to do the same back to her.. but I resisted my temptation for a road range incident.

Sunday was a normal day... church (this week at BRV... and no, I haven't decided what I'm doing come Fall) and then went to see "Collateral" at KOP. Actually, not a bad movie.

This week might be a little insane at work. My coworker is gone for a week for vacation. And my boss is dealing with an issue with the state. So, it's little ol' me left to fight off the wolves.

Bye for now.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I am in the middle of cleaning my bathroom. The only chore that I really, really hate. Anyway, the cleaner w/ bleach was getting to me... so I thought I would check email and write a little something before bedtime.

Today at work someone came into my office and started crying. This really isn't all the unusual..except for the reason why. I actually have a fair amount of students cry in my office over their funding (or, their lack there of). This was different. She is actually someone I also know from outside of the university/hospital. I saw her a couple of days ago and she was really excited because she just went on a date with a guy and he was all, cute, smart, Christian, etc.... Anyway, he has yet to get back into contact with her... it's been all of 5 days. The reason she got more upset was because her younger brother is getting married in two weeks and she still is single, 28, and hasn't had a serious relationship in a long time. Anyway, everything she said today in my office I have at one time felt and sometimes do feel. Sometimes life isn't fair...sometimes younger brothers do get married first (as has mine)...sometimes the great guy doesn't call you back (as I have just experienced a couple of months ago)...sometimes you really do feel like an ugly duckling (ditto).. sometimes your married friend's advice just sucks rocks...sometimes you just want to be alone and crawl into bed and cry the another night away of being alone.... and in the midst of all this I still know that I am loved by amazing God who has experienced everything and knows all of my emotions and he understands. And, that gives me hope. Hope that everything will be ok.

Anyway, that's my profound thought for the evening.

Back to cleaning. Marti would be proud (except she doesn't read this... so, she will not know that I have actually cleaned my bathroom).

Oh... one final happy thing. I'm getting my 6 month raise... finally! More money towards Ireland.

Goodnight all.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo... it's almost 9pm. I just got home from work about 20 minutes ago. Tonight was the medical school orientation for the new first years. Folks, these ARE the people who will be taking care of you in about 15 years. Believe me... be scared! Anyway, the presentation was supposed to end by 6. It didn't end until 6.30 which means, by the time we answered all the questions, collected all the unused pens, packets, surveys, etc... it was 7... Well, the next train out of the city isn't until 7.50... and this train is ALWAYS late... so, I waited, and waited, and waited.... Now, I'm home. I'm somewhat happy.

But something interesting happened as I walked down the stairs to my train platform. There was woman with a brace on her leg... clearly she screwed up her ankle and was navigating the stairs very slowly (she was walking sideways)... I said (in my infinite wisdom!!!) "Gosh, don't you hate trying to go downstairs with a busted ankle???" "It definitely wasn't my favorite when I did the same thing to my ankle back in April" (side note... I have no clue who this person was... I was just making small talk... probably not a wise move for a very tired and brain dead person). So... here is the part I'm a little confused about... I THINK I said next "I really don't have any sympathy for you." Which, of course, would be the entirely WRONG thing for me to say... but I don't know if I actually said it. I think I might be going mad. It just popped into my head as we were passing Lansdowne on the R3. I kinda think I didn't say it... but who knows...maybe I did.

I just don't know. Hopefully, I won't see her again.... I would apologize... but wouldn't that just make things worse???? Because then I would be apologizing for something I don't know it I really said...

Some serious stuff.... I can't believe the news that is coming out of Utah. In case you haven't heard, Mark Hacking has been accused of murdering his wife. Lori Hacking was reported missing on July 19th. The husband said she went out for jog and never returned. Lots and lots of bad ripples. They looked happy. It turns out that Mark Hacking had lied about getting accepted to medical school and even lied about graduating for college. His father said that he thought Mark felt a lot of pressure to succeed because he comes from a family of doctors and engineers. No new thoughts.. just a sad case. Two families will never be the same because of all of this.

I think I'm going to go and have a frozen banana (the happy treat on a stick).

Be well.

Monday, August 02, 2004

"Nothing Too Exciting to Report"

Happy FIRST Birthday to Christian Matthew Montgomery.
of Skokie, Illinois. Parents are David and Tara Montgomery. He is destined to be playing linebacker for the Chicago Bears by the time he is 10.

Monday morning. August 2, 2004. Can you believe I was actually excited to see the weekend end? Didn't do anything really that exciting. People who tell me that I live an exciting life should actually come and live mine for a day or two... Saturday, I got up early and took the train into work. I worked for exactly 2.6 hours. I took the train home for work. I looked up movie times on the computer. I decided to go see "The Village" at the crappy local theatre instead of the plush theater at KOP... mostly because I was too lazy to drive out to King of Prussia. I really, really enjoyed this movie. Personally, I still think M. Night hasn't done anything to top "Sixth Sense" yet.. but this was a creative try nonetheless. Here is how I would rank his movies:

1. The Sixth Sense... I still get scared watching it.
2. Signs... Mel Gibson's grieving over the loss of his wife and his faith... I can see people who thought that this movie would be about aliens ended up disappointed.
3. The Village... Ivy & Lucius ... love story of the 1870s!!!!
4. Unbreakable... Still have no clue about this movie and I've seen it four times.

After the movie, I stopped at Marshalls (in the same plaza as the movie theatre) and found a new pair of black shoes (Born... for $35.00!). As I was driving home from the plaza, I always take the road behind Mark's office once I get into Media... he was actually outside talking with Luke Stevens... I stopped and said hi... He asked me if I was coming to church tomorrow. I didn't say yes, didn't say no.... I did tell him that I thought last week's sermon was one of his best. He said I should come back for another one.... I didn't.

Sunday morning I enjoyed sleeping in until 7.45am and listening to the rain pound outside my bedroom window. I got up, ate breakfast, and watched my Sunday morning news shows as I got ready for church. Went to 10th Presbyterian's 11am service. From there, a bunch of us went to Marathon Grill for brunch... although by the time we ordered it was almost 1pm... so, I had a turkey burger...

Didn't really do anything Sunday evening.... talked to a friend from Ohio for a bit. That was nice.

That's about it for now. Monday has been quiet so far.