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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

McDonalds, Brain Surgeons, Spam...

So...I was reading the very liberal New York Times this morning (I like to see what the other side is saying).... caught an interesting article about how McDonald's is providing some hospitals with their meals (ie.. instead of a cafeteria... they have an in-house McDonald's)... The article went on to say that "yes, of course, it's a financial decision.." but also, that kids who eat McDonald's at least once a week eat better over the long term.... McDonald's helps kids because it is a familiar and non-threatening thing... compared to a spinal tap (which, on the other hand, is quite threatening). The best quote in the article was from a neurosurgeon... he said that he is glad that McDonald's is there "because it has the food that he likes." He agreed that there is a problem with obesity, etc, etc... But when asked his name... he wouldn't give it because "it would be embarrassing to be the brain surgeon in favor of fast food."

Onto Spam..... email Spam that is. My internet provider is actually pretty good with filtering out all the spam...but every once in awhile I'll get some interesting emails.... Today I had offers to help people in Nigeria with my bank account numbers, won a free computer, and was asked to join the "7 inch club".... Whatever that means.

Enjoy your day. 7 days until Bush vs Gore ... (oops... I mean Kerry) is over. Or, should I say "hopefully over!"

Monday, October 25, 2004


It's been about a week and a half since I saw this movie for the first time in its entirety. I'm still thinking about it. "Magnolia" was released in 1999 and I shunned it then. I first tried to watch it on DVD in 2001. I watched the first disgusted with the content and turned the thing off. How I wish I hadn't. I'm pretty liberal with the movies I watch... I don't have any qualms about watching movies with sex, violence, vulgar language, etc... If it's a good story I'll watch (I'm sure I have some of the evangelical world up in arms about that last sentence... oh well, I don't think any of them are reading there!). Anyway, this was one of those movies that (even for me!!) was too depressing to continue watching. So, do I give this movie a blanket recommendation for everyone to see..No. But do I think everyone should see it... Yes.
I say that because it is a tough movie to watch. 90 minutes into it you are wondering why you are sitting here watching Tom Cruise be as disgusting a human being as anyone you will ever see. But then there is the payoff. Very subtly at first and then literally it comes crashing down all around you.

Anyway, I'll let you be the judge. This movie has shot up into my top ten list... displacing Rudy... I think (or maybe You've Got Mail). Yes, it is a way better movie than those I just mentioned.... but I'm a sap for great sports movies and Meg Ryan sappy romantic ones.

In other news...
1. I found another pair of black socks... I've been wearing one pair of black socks for the past two weeks... I have seemed to misplaced about 20 pairs of black socks... I can't blame it all on the washing machine monster....I think I've mostly lost them due to not remembering where I have placed them.... And, I refuse to buy more socks... b/c like I said... I have at least 20 variations on the same black sock theme. So, 2 pairs down... 18 more to find.
2. Boston Red Sox! Schilling was amazing.
3. Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I cry EVERY time this show is on. Last night was no different.
4. Two months until Christmas!!!
5. Eight more days until D-Day for Bush vs Kerry. I'm cautiously optomistic for Bush.

Ta-ta for now. Enjoy your day.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Boston wins the ALCS!

I really didn't think it would happen. That Boston could come back from a 3 game deficit to win against the mighty Yankees. A fairy tale came true last night in Boston. I think last night's game reminds me of why I like sports so much...and seem to always cheer for the underdog. The human drama is so contagious for me. Or maybe how sports so easily translates into life. A look at my personal DVD collection will find a good assortment of sports movies.... From memory here they are...

1. Hoosiers (I think... the best sports movie. PERIOD)
2. Rudy (always cry when he finally gets his acceptance into Notre Dame)
3. The Rookie (he's getting a second chance to do what he's ALWAYS wanted to do... play baseball).
4. Hmmm... can't remember... I think I have one or two more sports DVDs.

In other news... I'm looking forward to watching the Doran kids tomorrow... I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks (well...haven't seen the parents either for that matter). Gosh, they are growing up soooo fast. It's neat to see them change. Don's post about his love for his wife made me cry. I'm so cynical about love and such... so, to actually see it and read about it.... that all makes me a little less cynical.

But maybe... just maybe that will all change some day soon (ie... the part about me being less cynical!).

Anyway, that's all there is for today.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Greetings from The Pennsylvania State University...

I'm starting my second full day of the PASFAA conference. For those who care, PASFAA stands for the Pennsylvania Association of State Financial Aid Administrators. People from all over the state come to discuss public policy, new government updates, etc... Horribly boring stuff unless you are a geek like me. I'm moderating a session in about an hour.

PSU is in a beautiful part of the state. I've never been out here before. The drive here on Sunday was amazing. The leaves are all beautiful colors. From my window in my hotel room I can see mountains and cows... lots of cows. On Sunday evening we had a tour of the PSU Sports Museum and also were able to see the football stadium.

Nothing else too exciting to add.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Random Friday Thoughts...

1. It's finally Friday. I thought it would never come.
2. I can't believe people are saying Kerry won the debate (yes, I said I wasn't going to watch it... but the baseball game was pretty depressing). My dad said he's moving to Canada if Kerry wins... hmmm... maybe I'll join him? Socialized healthcare.... ok, maybe not.

Really, that's about it. Sorry, nothing too prolific today.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I GIVE UP!!! says one thing... says another... and says yet another thing.... Who's ahead... who's behind... who is slipping... Next thing Kerry's going to say is that George Bush was responsible for the death of Christopher Reeve because of his stand on stem cell research.... On the flip side, Bush is still talking about the flip flops of Kerry's past.

I'm not watching anymore. I'll go and vote like a good American on November 2nd (Bush, of course!) and then I'll be naive and wake up the next day to the news. Don't hold me to this.... but right now.... I don't care. At all. I just want the ads, the polls, the pundits, the brow-beating from Katie Courtic & Bill O'Reilly to stop. As I was getting ready for work this morning, I had to listen to a woman in a ad saying how Bush & his Adminstration killed her son.... On the phone last night, I had to listen to a woman who lost her husband in 9/11 say how Bush is still the right man for the top job. I was crying on the phone while I listened to this widow describe how her husband's plane crashed into the WTC.

OK... I'm done... for now.

Only 3 more weeks until election day... or
21 days or
504 hours or
30,240 minutes or
1,814,400 seconds

until it's all over....

well... that's if Florida wants to participate this year.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday Night & waiting patiently...

Until the pager goes off next. Tonight it's my turn to sleep at the hospital. So far, I've had 2 traumas. Nothing too out of the ordinary. The interesting thing that happened tonight was that I got to go out onto the helicopter pad way above the rest of the city. It was totally amazing and scary and exhilerating all at the same time. One the guys who works in the ED is a student of mine and we were waiting for the trauma to come in... So, he asked me if I wanted to see the helicopter pad.... I said "sure...why not?" So, we took the elevator up to the 16th floor & as we got off the elevator the helicopter had just flown off after dropping the patient off.... We went outside onto the pad. The city looked AMAZING from that height. All the skyscrapers have pink lights to commemorate Breast Cancer awareness month.... The scary thing about the helicopter pad... is that there is NOTHING to keep a person from falling off it.

Anyway, I just finished dinner... Top Tomato Pizza and a Coke...

In other news, last night I went to a film group held at professor's house who teaches at Westminster Seminary. We watched the HBO film "Wit." This film stars Emma Thompson as a professor who is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. It chronicles her life as she comes to terms with her dying. The film is so truthful in how it portrays patients, doctors, nurses... Someone in the group said that every medical professional should be made to watch this film. I agree, but I'm wondering if they would see the film totally different than we did. In the film, the doctors and residents were totally distant, caring much about the research value of this patient.. rather than the pain that is happening to her. In reality, I think docs have to have some boundry... and not get too close. The film totally reminded me of my own situation of being in the hospital...

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'm getting a little sleepy (and it's not even 10pm)... I think because this office is so quiet.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Well... it's only hair!

I went to get my hair cut last night. I have bangs... for the first time since 1993. Craziness. I think I like it... it's different. He actually worked with my curl instead of against it.... Hmmm... I think I like it?????? Hey... it grows back... right???

Happy Friday.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lunch... and other mid-day mindless thoughts...

For the last week I have been on a pepperoni and crackers kick at lunch. Every morning I pack up my little Glad disposable container with a little bag of pepperoni, some crackers, a mini babybel cheese circle, and some other snack (usually cookies or right now.... chocolate bars from Ireland)... I usually go to the cafeteria to read....but today I just stayed at my desk to pay some bills and chart my financial course for the next month....

I think I'll come out way ahead this month and next.... I have two conferences to go to... one here in PA and the other one in Las Vegas at the end of November.... I love the whole idea of reimbursement. Especially for my mileage.... My trip to Penn State... I'll get approximately $150 just because I had to do the driving.... kinda cool. I think I'll use the extra money to buy a new bed.

The bed story.... I've been sleeping in a twin bed for my whole life! People are amused when they hear this fact.... I have no idea why. It's a bed and when I want to sleep.... I sleep... I'm glad at least I have a bed and not just a floor to sleep on. Anyhoo, I have come to see that maybe... just maybe I should graduate to a bigger bed. I'm thinking a full size. I have found a wonderful bed at the otherwise lackluster Pottery Barn that I am yearning for. I think I'll put my reimbursement check towards that purchase.

In other news... I attended a kinship last night for the first time since maybe March (?). I was very pleasantly surprised. Now, if only I can get my arse to church on time. :O)

Confession... I watched about the first 5 minutes of the VP debate. I got so sick of looking at the Ken doll I had to change the channel and turned on the Yankees vs Twins. Ok.. that was mean, John Edwards is a smart trial attorney with amazing credentials... he would make a great VP... just as long as it's not in the next 4 years (hopefully, I appeased all the Kerry people out there who want my head on a plate right about now).

That's it from my little part of the world. It's been a slow day. Not many ambulances, hearse drivers, or dead bodies wandering away from their gurnies....

Oh... I almost forgot!!!! GO BO SOX!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Vice Presidential politics. I don't think I care...but I will watch... and hope Cheney kicks Edwards' butt.

sorry... i think the cold has revieved my otherwise blah attitude towards this election.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

My black socks....

that I put on today keep falling down... I think the elastic is bad. It kinda sucks to have to keep pulling up your socks every 3 minutes.

ok... I must stop wasting time.... must get some work accomplished this morning because I don't want to be stuck in my office all morning.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Talking about the Presidential Debate....

After seeing the debate last night.... I'm a little worried for our Commander in Chief. He didn't look to happy to be there... he didn't seem very presidential. I can't believe I just said that.... me, a tried and true Republican. I'm voting for Bush. He is definitely the best man for the job... but he didn't prove it last night. I'm hoping that this was just a warm up for him... that the next two debates that he will kick some serious butt. Bush definitely had more substance than Kerry...but his delivery could have used some work.

In other news...

I'll be working tomorrow. I have about twenty files on my desk that need my attention in one way or another.... I didn't have time all week to look at them. So, tomorrow in the peace and quiet it will probably take me about 2 solid hours to complete them.

I got my pictures back from Ireland. I sorta stumbled into this camera store the other day on Walnut Street... gave them my memory card and yesterday got back 99 wonderful pictures. I can't believe that I even took these pictures.... Ireland is a really beautiful country. Now I have to find a cool picture album to put them in.... I found some I really like at (check it out!!...I had bought one of their products previously when I lived in Ohio and liked it very much).

I'm just waiting for a student to call me back with some info I need.... she still hasn't.

Yesterday was Jamie & Suzy's 4th wedding anniversary. I forgot to write something about it yesterday. Anyway, what I remember from September 30, 2000 was that Suzy's dad cried when he was giving the welcome toast at the reception and that I got stung by a bee (& I said a lot of "v. bad" words!!!!)...

Nothing else too exciting to add. Bye for now.