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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

All quiet on the 22nd of December...

That's probably a good thing. I can't believe I'm flying home tomorrow. This week has flown by... Last night I had an opportunity to watch my two favorite little people this side of Harrisburg. Unfortunately, not all was quiet in their household. Emma decided to cry and cry and cry and cry and cry... but I think I did all the right things... I checked the diaper (nothing there... thank goodness), bounced her, cuddled her, etc... Well, she kept trying to get away from me... so, I just put her down on the floor and let her crawl to where she wanted to go.... She landed on one of the blankets and proceeded to lay down and fall asleep. So, I left her there. On the floor. I'm I a horrible person???? I think not. I did cover her with the blanket and every once in awhile checked to see if she was still breathing... She was crying up a storm... and I think she finally tuckered out. But, I have to admit, I LOVE watching babies sleep... they are so peaceful...even if they are sleeping on the floor!

Good show alert: House, MD on Fox!!! Great, great show. It's on Tuesday evenings from 9-10pm EST. Basically, Dr. House is a medical investigator of a different sort.. He likes to see patients that have illnesses but no explanations... his job is to figure out what's going on with them... The only problem with Dr. House... he hates people.. So he puts himself in a quandry each week... Anyway, my explanation doesn't do it justice... Just watch.

Thank God it's almost time for lunch. I'm actually really, really hungry today.

Listening to the Counting Crows first album... "August & Everything After".... still think it's my favorite.

On Monday evening I visited my friend who is being treated for brain cancer. It was good to see her. If someone can be sad & upbeat at the same time... this is her. Only God knows the outcome. Sometimes I wish he would tell us.... you know?

Ta-ta for now.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

I yelled for joy...

about 10 minutes ago. I'm here at work... plowing away at this spreadsheet.... Well, I figured out where the variance came from for one of the students... It was a rather large difference... I was off approx $302...well, I found where it went.. And all the angels said at once "SEE!!! YES, YOU ARE SMART!!!"

I went to a Christmas party last night hosted by the members of my kinship that I attend. I'm definitely getting my party legs back... because I stayed until 1.10 (basically when James said "huh... don't mean to be rude... but my kids are going to wake up in 5 hours... so, get out!!").. Couldn't believe it was that time when I left... definitely was tired... but it was a happy tired. The crab dip wasn't half bad either!!! One of things I loved about it... it mixed people from all facets of their lives: church, neighbors, old friends, coworkers, family... totally fun!

Finished my Christmas shopping today... instead of heading out to the mega-mall (aka King of Prussia), I went to "downtown" Media. I love my town. The motto is "Everyone's Hometown" and it definitely has that feel. Lots of little stores all decorated. Was able to find my neices and nephew some gifts and my mom a little something (although she has EVERYTHING one could want).

Well, that's about it from here. Want to finish one more student and then I'm headed off to Borders before meeting friends in West Philly for dinner.

Ta-ta for now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Carrying on the family tradition....

of eating ants! So the rumor goes, a long, long time ago... in a place called Gary, Indiana (when it was actually an OK town)... my father tricked his older sister into eating chocolate covered ants. That's the story... so far it can't actually be confirmed nor denied by either party involved.

Flash forward to today.... I'm doing my usual morning routine.... here it goes for anyone who actually cares:

6am... UP
6.01... turn on Fox news
6.03... in shower
6.10-6.15... out of shower breakfast, watch Fox, ponder clothing choices...
6.45-7.15...find clothes to wear, get ready, leave house...

So... as I'm eating my favorite breakfast cereal (Peanut Butter Puffins from Trader Joes) w/ my glass of OJ, I notice that ants are crawling up my bathrobe. Hmmm... kinda annoying, but whatever... Every year during the first burst of cold in the winter, ants tend to invade my apartment... I'm used to it by now... they will be gone by Friday.

So.... I finish eating my cereal... place it on the end table next to me... and go get ready for work... Well, I was packing my lunch and thought I would pack some of the cereal as a mid morning snack... I get the box, pull the bag out of the box, and THANK GOODNESS I saw this before I poured the cereal into a little baggy.... there were ants crawling EVERYWHERE on the cereal.... It was pretty disgusting to say the least. So, I guess theoretically it is possible that I polished off some ants this morning when I was eating my cereal and didn't even realize it.

Well, at least I got my protein.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'm not unintelligent & other ramblings....

So.... the tale of the spreadsheet continues... I sat down with my boss today & we went over it together.... I need to order some reports from another office... then I will have a better handle on it... thankfully, if I get the reports before the weekend my next Saturday in the office will not be wasted (plus I can stop at Lord & Taylor after I leave the office!). The official due date of the thing to the Feds is actually tomorrow...but we can make edits through the end of the year... so, God willing... the thing will be done by 12/30/04.

My other ramblings...


No one specific... just in general.. but then, I guess the opposite sex feels the same about us sometimes. We are such strange birds.. What's that quote from the new U2 song???? Something about the "mysterious distance between a man and a woman" .... yea, totally agree.

It's finally cold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad. Finally time for long scarves and long skirts and my favorite wool hat. Now, we just need snow.

Tonight is laundry, laundry, and more laundry...

Another Christmas List....

My top 5 presents of all time (in no particular order!)
5. My Kodak disc camera (they don't make these anymore... the film was a round disc... w/ only 15 exposures!)
4. My first gold necklace... I think the charm was either an "L" or a cross. My father knew a shady guy in the city...His name was Armando.... I was always sure he was a drug dealer... probably dead now.
3. My cabbage patch kid. She had red-hair... I think I named her Lindsey... a few years after that I got another one... this time it was wearing a Chicago White Sox uniform.
2. My first pair of designer jeans...I think they were Jordache or Sasson (or is it Sassoon?)
1. My CD player... I actually still have it... it's a boom box type of thing... and it's like from my senior year of high school.... I wish the think would break so I could get a new one... so far it hasn't... I'm pretty impressed with the quality Sony had in 1989.

Ta-ta for now.... I have a busy rest of the week...

12/15 Wednesday... Work, Pastoral Care 4.30-7.30
12/16 Thursday... Work, Christmas Party 4pm-6pm,Kinship 7.30-10.30
12/17 Friday... Work, 6pm haircut, 8pm Christmas Party
12/18 Saturday... Work, finish shopping, eat Indian food!!! :O)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sleep....Glorious Sleep.

It's 7.15 and my alarm just went off a little bit ago. I went to sleep around Midnight and slept the whole night (well... not very soundly...because I was sleeping in a reclining lazy boy chair)...didn't have any traumas or deaths or codes... etc, etc...

And, for those of you who are wondering... no, didn't get the spreadsheet finished.

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Ok... so I just got a call to the Emergency Department... the page I received was "9999".. this means that a trauma has arrived and I need to report to the ED. So, I get there.... nothing is happening... NOTHING... So, I walk around... ask the security person... she hadn't heard of anything... so, I walked through one more time and then left... Well, instead of walking in the cold without a coat... I decided to take the long way back to my office.... so, I board the elevator, press "3" and wait... and wait... and then, the elevator drops. It actually was kinda scary (because earlier as I was visiting patients ...there was someone actually working on one of the elevators). I'm happy to report... I'm back in the office and the elevator worked like it was supposed to. So, now I'm back to reading about baking the perfect sugar cookie (which, if you know me.. I probably will never attempt).

Until later...bye for now.
How Come I Don't Understand???

I'm at work...have been here for the last couple of hours looking at a spreadsheet. Mind you, I came in to actually do more than just stare at numbers. My boss has a final revision of a report due next Wednesday (which, thankfully, was pushed back from the 10th). I've been asking myself this same question over and over again... "How come I don't understand?" I'm a bright gal, went to good schools, of above average intelligence. How come I can't get this???? It's not making sense and it should. It's 3.45 now... I have one hour left to actually accomplish something... or this trip here was all a waste...

From 4.45 on...I'm on duty at the hospital for pastoral care. I'm so hoping that it's a quiet night. I might like to wander tonight or hang with my friends in the ED.

So... what's with all the rain here?????? It's been raining 3 days straight... mostly a gentle mist... but still... I'm so sick of the use of the umbrella... would rather wear my wool hat and my gloves. Maybe next week?

My mother keeps asking for my Christmas list... I still haven't sent her one. I just think it a little odd for a 33 yr old woman to be sending a Christmas list to their mom... don't you think? Well, if it makes the woman happy... so be it...

I feel like a list... so here goes it... My top 5 Christmas related items (yes, the birth of Christ is the ultimate #1... but you all should know that.. if you know me!).

5. The anticipation of December 25th...everyone is gentler during Christmas season.
4. The 24 hour marathon on TNT of "A Christmas Story" (I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!)
3. Putting up my Christmas tree
2. The Christmas Windows in Chicago
1. The Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special... don't think I've missed it once in the last 20 years.

Well, now I only have 50 minutes to look over the spreadsheet (actually there is 5... so I should say that I have a plethora of spreadsheets).

Bye for now. We'll talk again real soon (probably at 4am...after I get back from a call).

Friday, December 10, 2004

Christmas has come a little early..

I'm sitting here at Jamie & Suzy's home... tonight was the night we exchanged Christmas presents... It was very cool watching Joseph & Emma open their Christmas gifts. Joseph is almost 3 and really, really, really likes Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. I found a big Buzz Lightyear toy at Target. He opened it and played with it immediately... He was just taken to bed... and he still had the Buzz in his arms.... Instead of saying "Buzz" he says "Butt".... it's really cute... but then most 3 year olds are cute.

The rest of the weekend is devoted to mostly working at Jefferson. I still haven't finished my I'll be working most of the afternoon on it and then tomorrow evening I'm on call at the hospital... so, I'll either sleep or not sleep.... all depending on the needs of the patients.

Man.... I really love Christmas. I'm just thinking how as I get older the meaning of Christmas gets more profound. It's so not about the gifts or the cards or the tree or the music... (but, if you know me... you know that I LOVE those things)... but it's about the people you know and love. I think that's why I love sending Christmas cards.... to remember people I don't talk to as often because we aren't in the same city anymore. Anyway, I'm babbling...

That's it...

Goodnight for now.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bad Day...

What's that song????? "Your Mamma said that there would be days like this..."

Thankfully, only 18 minutes left. 18 too many. Some days I'm just crap at my job. Today is one of those days... Other things that have gone wrong...

1. A run in my stocking... all the way past my knee... I hate that.
2. My new top (well... I've only worn it 4x) is unraveling at the seem...not constructed very well.
3. I got chewed out by my boss. I was careless and she doesn't have time to clean up my mistakes.
4. I did a 90 minute presentation and I was more rusty than I originally thought.
5. My diet today has consisted of Snapple, Diet Coke, 1.5 soft pretzels, and too many Hershey minatures.
6. Had a doctor's appt today re: my gallbladder attack... waited almost an hour and then cried when I told him I thought I was bothering him with my health concerns.
7. My major project has to be finished by Friday morning and it will not be. Too much to do and not enough time to work on it. I'm always called to something else.
8. Unintentionally got zinged today... reminded that I wasn't invited to a wedding everyone else was. Hurt more than I thought it would.

That's it. Only 13 minutes to go.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Leaving Las Vegas....

And not a moment too soon. I was just speaking with a co-worker... when she asked about my trip I told her how much I hated the city. I honestly cannot think of one redeeming value that Las Vegas brings to the world. She said I was the only one she has ever spoken with didn't like the city.

Minus the trip to the Emergency Room that I had when I was out there...the city has no history. It's not old & charming like New Orleans. It doesn't have cobblestone streets like Philly. Or a crazy story about a cow knocking over a lantern and causing the Chicago fire. Las Vegas was over the top, excessive, intrusive....

And, yes, I did have the infamous trip to the ER. There is a little thing called a gallbladder. We all have them... on occasion, they flare up.....Well, mine did. BIG TIME. It's probably one of the most painful experiences I have ever had.

Anyway, I'm very thankful I made it back to Philly in one piece. I didn't want to stay out there any longer than I had to.

Be well. Happy Monday. 19 Days until Christmas. I'm finally getting out the Christmas music...

Time for some Harry Connick, Jr.....