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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back Home Again...

I'm back after an unforeseen "vacation" to the hospital. I've never, never, never gotten sick off any of my friends' kids.... so, I guess it needed to happen sometime... and that time was now.

My little friend Joseph (age 3 year 2 months) had a little virus...well, as the facts have it... I caught the little bug from my favorite little bugger. For healthy people (ie... most of you out there with normal immune systems) you'll get sick for a couple of days and that will be the end of it. For people like me with a compromised system (due to all the drugs I take so my immune system will not reject my "new" heart) even a little "bug" can turn into a very big problem.

Without getting too graphic.. most of last week I wasn't sure what end to put on the toilet first. There's the description. Yes, I was worshipping the porcelain God from both ends. I wasn't eating and the stuff I was eating and/or drinking (mostly 7-Up, watermelon, and broth) wasn't staying where it should. I lost 10 pounds in 3 days.

Thankfully, I was smart enough to call my doctors. Thankfully, they were smart enough to call me into the hospital. Normally, I would have resisted...this time I didn't. I was admitted on 6/23 & came home yesterday. Exciting times at the hospital.... for the first 2 days the only thing that changed on my food tray was the color of my jello. And, for someone so sick as I was... that jello actually was pretty good.

I'm eating taco bell now. I must be better.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Amazing Night!

So... an old friend emailed me a couple of days ago and asked if I wanted to go see a concert on Thursday evening. Yes, I eagerly said. I didn't even care what we were going to see (truth be told I did get a LITTLE curious by Thursday @4.30pm) because I was more excited about hanging out with my friend.

Basically all I knew was that the concert was at Campbell's Riversharks Stadium (therefore outdoors) and that it started at 6.30pm. After work yesterday we met up and ended up taking the ferry across the river to Camden (lived in near the city for 5 years.. that's the first time I took the ferry across the river). He did mention when I met up with him that we were going to see Marilyn Manson. Great. Bring it on. I'm sure that would have made for one hell of an exciting time. I have always wondered how long it takes to get his makeup off at the end of the evening....

Thankfully, I was spared an evening of shock rock...for an evening of amazing music. The opening band (who, regretfully, I do not remember their name) was a pure folk band...but most of the members were either from England or Australia. Next on stage was Willie Nelson being accompanied by most of his sons. Finally... Bob Dylan came on around 9pm.

I have to say... Growing up as a kid I had the opportunity to see Willie Nelson many times.. and my family never went. I'm really glad I was able to see him perform live. He truly is a great performer and song writer. And, my opinion of Bob Dylan did a 360 degree turn around last night. For some reason, I never really liked this man and his music. NEVER. My opinion was one of "oh... some ol' 60s rocker who mumbles his words and he's just kinda weird." Last night changed all that. His band was perfect. Yea, he still mumbled his words...but the thing that caught me was the emotion in his voice.

And, yes... here's a very public "thank you" to my friend, Peter. Thanks for thinking of me and asking me to go with you. Friends are good things to have. You all should go and get some more.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Truth in Advertising???

So.... can a fruit salad be called a "salad" if its 99.99999% grapes and .0001% other stuff?

I didn't think so either.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weddings, baby showers, bridal showers... OH MY!!

o today I attended the 2nd wedding of this wedding season & last night I attended the first baby shower of the season. Only 2 more weddings, 1 more baby shower, & 1 more bridal shower to go. Today's wedding was nice. Two beautiful people who God definitely brought together. The only big problem was that today was hotter than hot. In my black silk dress I definitely felt like a stuffed sausage cooked to perfection....but that's not what I'm writing about.

During one of the breaks in the action a few of us were sitting at our table. The discussion somehow got on the subject of singleness. The three of us at the table during this time: all single and all quite older than the woman who got married today. Anyway, one of my friends accused me of not being comfortable being alone and that's why I want to get married so badly. She continued to say that I will never get married until I realize how FULL my life can be as a single person. My response... I think that's one the worst "Christian-ese" myths out there. So, I'm single... I want to be married... so therefore I must be uncomfortable hanging out with myself. Why can't single women (and for that matter... single men) be allowed to say at times that "look... it's sometimes really sucks being single." Why when we do say this, we get pounded with the trite Christian response that "you know...being married won't complete you" or "God can use you just as much now as he can when you are married."

Ok... I'm off my soapbox right now. It's time to eat some wonderful food not made by me (so you know it must be good!!!).

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One way to ruin a perfect day...

So...I was at my local Acme store last night buying a few things.... I get to the check out lane.... the lady scans my goods... It comes to about $22.00. Well, since I don't have an Acme card and I refuse to get one (don't ask why... just stubborn really).. the woman handed me my receipt and said "Thanks for shopping Acme.. you did not save any money today on your items.... Have a good day!" She said that whole sentence in the chipper check out lady tone.


"Have a nice day!"

Monday, June 06, 2005

Star Wars...

I finally went to see what everybody was talking about. One of my friends and I went to see this movie on Saturday night. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much at all. Hayden Christiansen (sp??) is about as wooden an actor as Keanu Reeves is... thankfully, Hayden/Anakin/Lord Darth didn't have much to say in the movie. My reaction to the movie: a very good ending to the whole Star Wars hoopla. I really got into the whole transformation of Anakin into Darth Vader. He didn't trust "the force" & look what happened at the end....

Hmmm.... can also be used as an analogy of what happens to us when we don't trust God... We end up not trusting anybody.... or for that matter, trusting the wrong type of things and/or people.

Other minor ramblings:
1. Drove to Doylestown yesterday... for no particular reason
2. Little Miss Emma wore her special dress yesterday for church. V. cute. She's a darling 1 year old.
3. Only 19 more days until I can fly away for a weekend. Yippy.

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Another Wonderful June Day....

I'm sitting here at my desk trying to get through a ton of student files before Noon. Listening to an old Caedmon's Call album. V. nice.

No really profound thoughts today.

Thinking of getting pizza for lunch. Sounds good.

Bye for now.