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Friday, October 28, 2005

"Don't Stop Believing"

I must admit (Luke knows) that I have been worried throughout this baseball season. It's very stressful being on top. Being on top and being a White Sox fan is double the stress. As has been made known quite regularly in the press, the Chicago White Sox are the second team of Chicago. Dusty Baker (manager of the Cubs) has even said in published articles that he wasn't going to root for the White Sox. How's that for brotherly love?

I knew when Ozzie was hired a few seasons ago, that he would make a difference... And, has he ever. Not using his bullpen for the majority of the series against LA...? Preposterous. Acquiring Blum late in the season... who would have thought that he would hit the game winning homer in the 14th inning marathon.

The White Sox adopted "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey as their theme. 88 years have been wiped out. Generations of White Sox fans have lived (& died) for this moment. I started going to White Sox games when I was 5. My family had connections with the White Sox security staff. We would always get seats for the fireworks night. My first "adult" concert was in Comiskey Park (Michael Jackson... yea.. I know!). My hero was Carlton Fisk (I wonder how he is feeling... having played on the two teams that have just won back to back World Series). Even after living in Lincoln Park (where it was cool to be a Cubs Fan)... living in Cleveland during the Indians glory years... I never waivered. Being a White Sox fan is in your blood. And it has finally paid off. I'm sure that there are many of times that we have stopped believing that the White Sox could ever win. Season after season of "wait until next year"... Well, this is Next Year.

This team reminds me of the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks... another bunch of scrappy guys winning against the Yankees. Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson, Mark Grace (a former Cubbie)... These teams have proved that you do not have to spend trillions of dollars (Mr. Steinbrenner.. are you listening??) to have a winning team.

It's still surreal. The White Sox won the 2005 World Series.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One game away...

from winning it all! I still can't believe that it might happen... And it might happen tonight. Who would have thought back in April that the Chicago White Sox would win the World Series????? Not me. And I love the White Sox.

I didn't stay up for the 14 inning marathon... The game ended at 2.20am EST. I went to be at the end of regulation. I do have a job. And getting up on time was/is more important than watching a game on TV.. no matter how much I love my team.... they aren't signing my paycheck.

In other news.
1. Today I received a box of Peanut Butter Puffins from a friend of mine here at work. V. excited about opening this box of tasty goodness.
2. Was asked to be on the conference committee next year for my state association. V. excited about this. Conference planning...totally my thing.

Bye for now.

Remember: Game 4: White Sox @ Houston. 8.33pm EST

Monday, October 24, 2005

True sign of White Sox Fans...

( from Chicago Tribune)
October is a grand, grand month...

So.. the White Sox are in the World Series (in case you haven't noticed). It has been amazing. The powers that be say that the ratings have dropped approx 31% from last year's Boston-St. Louis series. Oh well, those 31% are missing one heck of a series.

...these will be the players that we will be talking about 50 years from now.

A Houston-White Sox series is a very blue collar series. And I'm happy about that. The Yankees are a great team... but then they are paid to be a great team. Their main goal at the beginning of the season is to win the World Series... and be damned if that doesn't happen year after year... It seems that the Houston-White Sox guys are just happy to be there... and they don't have to make $20 million a year to play well.

That being said... the White Sox organization better do EVERYTHING in its power to keep Konerko in a White Sox uniform for next season.

Ok... in other news..
1... Went to my first Eagles game yesterday... V. interesting. glad I'm not a fan. I like Bears games better.
2. Conference in Lancaster was great. Probably the best one I've ever been to.
3. Nothing else too exciting to report.

Ta-Ta for now.

Remember... Game 3 tomorrow night @ Houston.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Chicago White Sox...

We are World Series bound.

Nothing more to say...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Game 3: White Sox 5 Angels 2

Jon Garland pitched a gem of a game. Complete. Can't get any better than that. His only mistake... a two run homer late in the game (which, happened at the EXACT moment I turned on the TV to watch the end of the game... go figure... I think I'm bad luck for my boys in Black!).

Tonight Game 4. Watch it!

In other news... At work today.. I'm out of the office for 3 days next week...which is a good thing. Will work until about 1pm and then head over to Reading Terminal Market.. they are having their Fall Festival. If you have never been... I highly recommend it... It's like being in Lancaster without living Philly.

Ta-ta.. .Enjoy your Saturday.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Read all about me...

(sorry... i don't have the knowledge about how to put a link in my blog yet)..

anyway, i was thinking about this article on the train this morning... and since i don't actually want any comments from the peanut gallery i'm turing the comments off on this post.

In other more pressing news.... Game 3 tonight ChiSox at LA Angels. 8pm EST.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A guest has decided to grace my blog with his presence...

Wow... how did I get over here???? Who does this blog belong to? I guess I'm so cute in my polo onesie (sorry.. I'm not too good at spelling yet) that other people have to borrow my picture. I know I'm being raised a diehard Boston Red Sox fan...but gosh, those Chicago White Sox... they are actually a pretty good team (well, that is if they can get a few more hits). Wow... I'm pretty pooped out from this guest hosting gig.

***The above comments were from Bruce Wayne Stevens. The comments expressed do not necessarily represent the owner of this blog. She does admit that she did borrow the picture to let her visitors know how cute he is in his Polo onesie.

Game 2: White Sox 2 Angels 1

So... what do you think about the strike that wasn't in the bottom of the 9th??? Was he out? Or not?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Game 1: Angels 3 White Sox 2

I'm not feeling very hot about this. We are doomed.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The White Sox just swept the Red Sox.

I just can't believe it. It was 2 outs bottom of the Ninth... and I still thought Boston had a chance.

Man.... I LOVE October.
Forced Exercise & a Bad Omen...

It started out like every other Friday... I board the train... the train's job is to take me to my designated point of departure and then I walk the 3 short blocks to my office. Well, today... I was abruptly awoken at 30th Street Station and told I must leave the confines of my seat. Supposedly someone left a "suspicious" looking package at one of the other train stations.. and all service was "temporarly" suspended. So... me, along with all the others left the train. To end this boring story... I ended up walking 20 blocks to my office. Very fun at 8am in the morning. Now.. I could REALLY use a danish. Just kidding... I had a Diet Snapple instead.

Bad Omen.. The Battle of the Soxes (or is it just Sox?) continue. The White Sox could complete a sweep today. I have a little bit of guilt being so giddy about my team & if they win this thing over the Red Sox. So, Luke please forgive me if I go a little overboard.... but, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself. There are THREE MORE games... The BoSox could easily win the next three. It's happened before... it can happen again. But I digress.... my bad omen... I am wearing a red sweater today. I just realized this. Definitely NOT a good sign.

Bye for now.

Remember: Game 3: Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox 4.19pm EST

Thursday, October 06, 2005

2 down 1 to go...

so... why am i so scared?

guess i must be a white sox fan.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

People just don't understand...

If you are not from Chicago, you surely will never understand what it is like to live in a town with two baseball teams. Yes, the Cubs get all the attention...yes, they play in the decaying Wrigley Field...but the White Sox... to be a White Sox fan... it's, when a good White Sox fan can show it to the Cubs... it's a good day..

Here's a sign that the Chicago Sun Times said was at US Cellular Field yesterday:

One sign read: "Today's Attendance: USCF=40,615, Wrigley=0.''

Yep, Chicago baseball at it's best.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Let the games begin...

Chicago White Sox vs Boston Red Sox
4.09pm EST

(ps... for legal considerations... the previous pictures I posted of the White Sox Celebrations were not my own. They were from the Chicago Tribune...hopefully, I won't get sued now).