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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Day to you also...

So... it's always sooo lovely when the first thing you hear when you exit the train is "You're a mother-fu......" screamed into my ear.

Soo, very lovely.

I love Philadelphia in the Summer time. Don't you?

In other news...
1. The White Sox are having fun in the western part of the state... maybe next year they will be back in Philly? That would be nice.
2. Seeing Superman on Saturday evening with my friend J. Can't wait. It looks like it will fun. Don't really care if it will be actually good or not.
3. I'm thinking today will fly by... I have six appoinments...back to back to back to back to back to back... I even gave up my lunch hour to meet with a student. I'm *such* a martyr.

That's it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

568 miles... 3 rest stops... two tanks of gas... and I'm finally home!

Tomorrow is back to work. My whirlwind trip to Cincinnati is over... It was a nice break. I like driving and driving over 1,000 miles in 2 days (with two days off in between) might be a little much...but for the most part the drive was relaxing... I was a little over tired this morning (as Suzy will attest).

Roadtrips are great... you can do a lot of thinking...listen to a lot of music... or just stare straight ahead and drive. I did a little of all.

A friend let me borrow a book on CD to listen to. I highly recommend this to any single people out there who might still be reading this... "How to get a date worth keeping" by Dr. Henry Cloud. Dating isn't rocket science...but I think sometimes we make it out to be an all or nothing proposition. Cloud asserts that by meeting people and dating for "fun" (ie... with no expectations) we will begin to see what we really want when it comes to "that person" we end of marrying. As I've gotten older my list of "qualities" has changed some...not much..but some.

Listening currently to: "In the Deep" by Bird York..from the "Crash" soundtrack. Amazing song.
Current mood: v.v. tired. I still feel like I'm moving.

Ta-ta for now.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

My last night...

I'm at the hospital tonight... last duty night until at least September/October. It's 9.32 and so far only one page... For a Code Blue. So far tonight I've done the following:
1. called to see how my favorite 4yr old's first movie experience was... he didn't want to talk.
2. checked the score of the White Sox/Reds game... only about a million times.. last time I checked the ChiSox were down... I think they are totally uncapable of winning more than two games in a row.
3. called my friend J & left a message... He's out having fun rollerblading at this city wide event.
4. ordered, picked up, and ate a bunch of Singapore Noodles from the Chinese place across the street.. They were good but not nearly as spicy as I like them.
5. Skimmed the book "Chicken Soup for the Soul...for Nurses"... I think I've had enough touchy feeling stories for one night..
6. Checked my gmail account about a thousand and one times.
7. Drank a Diet Snapple and a Diet Dr. Pepper
8. Read every other blog that I can think of to read.

OK... you get the gist of my evening. It's been slow... but this is not a bad thing. Slow is a good thing in my line of work (albeit it.. volunteer).

In other news:

I saw "Cars" this afternoon. These guys at Pixar are amazing.. they are so creative. It was good.. definitely not my favorite Pixar (that honor still belongs to Toy Story) but it was entertaining and I laughed out loud more than once.

Ok.. that's about it for now. I'm tired of staring at the computer... I think I'll read my magazine now (Chicago magazine.. if anyone cares)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I think I'm on a sugar high...

Today is my workmate's birthday. His partner sent him a huge bouquet of cookie flowers. Each cookie is probably 8 inches around. With frosting... TONS of really, good (not the sugary kind) frosting. He gave one to each of the rest of the office... I ate about half of mine and threw the rest away... It was delicious... and I'm SURE each cookie is like 900 calories... UGH. It wouldn't have been sooo bad... but I just had a small bag of M&Ms before the cookies arrived.

In other news... people have been emailing me to say "that's great" about my declaration from the other day. It's been fun. I'm honestly not sure what the future holds for him and I... This isn't necessarily a bad thing.. We just don't know. In general, how do people who haven't really dated.. are used to doing things on their own...make room for another person? How do you trust someone else again? How do you know when fast is too fast? Or what if slow isn't slow enough? How do you compromise? How to accept a complement? Or when to give a complement without truly wanting anything in return? How do you know when to be honest about your past? How much should you tell?

I haven't been sleeping well the past few days...mostly because all these questions keeping popping into my head. It's a new world out there.

And, in the end, I have to say ... God is in control. God is DEFINITELY in control of this. And I'm happy about that. I'm excited about this opportunity to learn more about myself and another person.

In other news...
1. Ordered my first Chicago White Sox t-shirt from it's the breast cancer awareness tee. Very excited... so, I'll be able to wear it to the game in Baltimore.
2. Have my last overnight at the hospital this weekend. V.v. excited about that. I'm totally burned out and need a break from the place.

Ok... that's all of my ramblings for today.

Yea.. stop reading this... it's not that exciting...

Monday, June 12, 2006

My weekend...

It was chock full of fun stuff.

On Friday night I went to my friend J's house to watch a movie. We watched the original "Alien" directed by Ridley Scott.. I had saw the sequel in the early 80s w/ my mom...but I never saw the original.. It was fun.. it had great characters.

Anyway, enough about the movie.. J doesn't read this blog. He said he thought it would be weird reading it... like he was reading my diary. He lost the link I sent him to this space. He's intelligent enough to find it if he REALLY wanted to...but he doesn't want to (why read about it... when he gets the details live and from me?)

Well, the one comment I will make about my friend. I like him. I like him a lot. He knows this. We talked about this on Friday evening. The other comment I will make is about relationships in general. They take work... even the easiest ones.. which, darn it, this one has been pretty easy so far. And that they are risky and scary and worth every minute talking things through.

Other weekend news:
1. Spent a great time with my friend Jan in DC. We went to the Spy Museum, ate at a place called Ben's Chili (I had a chili dog), and I had a $3.00 cupcake (white cake w/ raspberry frosting... sinfully delicious).

Hmmm...that's about it.

Have a great day.

Monday, June 05, 2006

DaVinci Code, The White Sox, and Hershey...

Got home from Hershey about an hour ago. It's really nice to be able to go there. I stayed overnight at the Hershey Lodge because of the meetings that I had yesterday and today. After today's meeting ended (around 1pm) I went to the Hershey Spa for my yearly treat to myself. It was amazing as always. The Hershey Hotel is such a grand place. I can only imagine when Milton built it... It's still a site..but I"m sure back when it was built it even seemed more lux.. I'm really impressed by the massage therapists and what they can do with their hands. 50 minutes is definitely not enough time...

The White Sox.... in one word. SUCK. They sooo didn't win the World Series last year... they definitely aren't playing like a World Series winning team. I guess it's still early and with all this losing they are still only 2.5 games behind Detroit.

The DaVinci Code. Saw this Saturday evening. I'm wondering if the reviewers and I saw the same movie? I have to agree with Roger Ebert.. who, was one of the only major reviewers to give this a positive review. I found it a v. good representation of the book. I didn't feel like it dragged. It was fast paced from where I was sitting... there were some great one liners... and it actually had some honest truth about Christian history. I guess it goes to show... you are the best reviewer... you don't need the likes of the NY Times or Roger Ebert to tell you if you will like a movie.. go see for yourself and make your own opinion. My friend and I left the theatre that evening pretty darn impressed with the movie that Ron Howard created.

Well, that's it.. I'm hungry..didn't eat lunch... and the box of Swedish Fish on my desk just isn't cutting it right now. I'm thinking Indian...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

At work today...

Nothing majorly exciting to report... working today...actually getting much accomplished...

1. seeing "The DaVinci Code" tonight... secretly I think that Jesus was really married to Mary. Yea, whatever.
2. White Sox have lost 4 in a row. Definitely not champs... more like chumps. Pitching sucks. Dump Garland.
3. Off to Hershey tomorrow for a committee meeting...after it ends on Monday... going for a massage at the Spa. Looking forward to it.
4. I really need to stop procrastinating... lots to be accomplished.