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Monday, June 26, 2006

568 miles... 3 rest stops... two tanks of gas... and I'm finally home!

Tomorrow is back to work. My whirlwind trip to Cincinnati is over... It was a nice break. I like driving and driving over 1,000 miles in 2 days (with two days off in between) might be a little much...but for the most part the drive was relaxing... I was a little over tired this morning (as Suzy will attest).

Roadtrips are great... you can do a lot of thinking...listen to a lot of music... or just stare straight ahead and drive. I did a little of all.

A friend let me borrow a book on CD to listen to. I highly recommend this to any single people out there who might still be reading this... "How to get a date worth keeping" by Dr. Henry Cloud. Dating isn't rocket science...but I think sometimes we make it out to be an all or nothing proposition. Cloud asserts that by meeting people and dating for "fun" (ie... with no expectations) we will begin to see what we really want when it comes to "that person" we end of marrying. As I've gotten older my list of "qualities" has changed some...not much..but some.

Listening currently to: "In the Deep" by Bird York..from the "Crash" soundtrack. Amazing song.
Current mood: v.v. tired. I still feel like I'm moving.

Ta-ta for now.


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