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Monday, July 03, 2006

A weekend of movies...

I watched three new movies this weekend... Here is a quick rundown..

Friday night: went to see "The Break Up" with a friend from work. Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn were playing the perfect examples of how NOT to communicate in a relationship. Parts of this movie were painful to watch..(ie.. they were very "real" and I could see them happening)... other parts were v. funny. The movie was set and filmed in Chicago.. there were some "Chicago-isms" in the movie.. if you weren't from Chicago... you would have missed them... Grade: C+

Saturday afternoon: saw "Superman Returns" w/ my friend John. I must have an affinity for superhero movies.. This was everything I thought it would be. Funny, sad, lots of action, some drama, etc... I would love to see this again in the IMAX theatre with the funny 3D glasses. "Superman Returns" had many religious undertones that you might not catch if you aren't looking for them. I think these themes make it a better movie. Grade: A

Sunday evening: Watched "Junebug" at home alone. I've had this DVD sitting around my house for the past 10 days from Netflix and finally got around to watching it. "Junebug" was a little independent film from 2005. The main theme is family... how dysfunctional it can be... and how downright funny it can be. A woman from Chicago marries a man after a week of knowing him. Six months later they are taking a road trip to his hometown in NC for two purposes... one is her business and the other is to meet his family. His family is quirky. His family is rude. His family is like everyone else's family... Definitely recommend this movie! Grade: A

In other news...
1. At work today. Hope it goes by fast. Doesn't even feel like tomorrow is a holiday. I think the weather might have something to do with it.
2. White Sox lost to the Cubs yesterday. UGH.. We can't ever seem to make up any ground against the Tigers.
3. Today my parents have been married 41 years. Kinda cool.

That's about it.
Enjoy your day.


  • At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Patrick Young said…

    I went to see Superman with Sonya. She said she might not ordiarily have chosen to go see this movie. I think the gamble paid off, though! Neato fun movie.

    I liked the '70s style credits in the beginning,among other things. :)


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